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Blazing Star BBQ

Blazing Star Reaper Rub and Seasoning

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Blazing Star Reaper Rub and Seasoning
Our Reaper Rub and Seasoning is perfect way to spice it up with that sweet heat! If you are looking for a rub or seasoning that has great flavors, but you really like it hot than this is the one for you. Among all the amazing spices in this rub, I used the Carolina Reaper pepper to kick it up a notch. No need for sauce if you use this rub, but if you just love sauce than I got you covered there too. This is a large seasoning container that ain't going to run out after your first batch of chicken wings.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Lindsey Lay-wood
Absolutely fire!!

My husband is a chef and just starting his journey into the social media world. When he found blazing star, he was hooked. Nothing beats the flavors you get from a bottle of their seasonings!!! Thank you blazing star

Ben Tate



Stuff is great! Ive been using it along with the scorpion on everything aince trying it!

Tammy Black
Love it!

The first time I used this, I knew it was going to be a favorite spice in the front of my spice cabinet!! I used it in a sliced smoked sausage, peppers, onion and potato grill on the blackstone. It was fantastic!!
We have since used it on burgers and other meats. Not once disappointed.
The bottles are also a great size, so you will not run out with only a few uses. Definitely a 5 star rating!!

Matthew Lucostic

This rub is literally ridiculously good!!! Wowww.