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Blazing Star BBQ

Blazing Star BBQ Barbecue Bundle

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  • THE BBQ BUNDLE INCLUDES - 1 All-In-One Season (10.4 Oz), 1 Beef Rub & Seasoning (12.1 Oz) and 1 Pork'n Rub & Seasoning (13.7 Oz)
  • MEAT, VEGGIES, FISH. YOU NAME IT! - The Blazing Star BBQ All-In-One Seasoning does not discriminate and it is a perfect seasoning rub for all types of food! This seasoning will literally go well with anything.
  • STEAK BRISKETS & EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN - This seasoning rub is the perfect way to turn the usual briskets and steaks to something very tasty and irresistable. A very complex combination of flavor will surely elevate the flavor by mutliple levels.
  • RIBS, CHOPS, BACONS. WINGS & THINGS - Normally, dishes like ribs and wings relies on the sauce for the flavor but the this Pork'n Rub & Seasoning, you can ditch the sauce and enjoy the food as it is since it is already packed with instense and unique flavor.
  • THE PERFECT BUNDLE - This bundle will surely cater to your barbecue needs from beef, pork and even veggies! This is truly the perfect way to elevate the flavors of your favorite barbecue dishes.

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Brian Schneider
Makes food fun!

The possibilities are endless! Asian Bang on wings is what's up!