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Blazing Star BBQ

Blazing Star BBQ Blazing Bundle

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  • THE BLAZING BUNDLE INCLUDES - 1 Reaper Rub & Seasoning (13.4 Oz) and 1 Scorpion Rub & Seasoning (13.8 Oz)
  • SPICE IT UP WITH THAT SWEET HEAT - Do you like your barbecue with a spicy kicks but still has tons of flavor? Then you are in luck! The Reaper Rub & Seasoning packs quite punch since we used Carolina Reapers to these seasonings. You also do not have to worry about the taste since this rub is still packed with intense flavor that blends nicely with the spice.
  • SWEET LIKE HONEY WITH A LIL' STING - If you loved our Reaper Rub but could use an extra level of spice, the Scorpion Rub & Seasoning is the one for you! We used Trinidad Moruga Scorpion peppers for this rub which is milder than Carolina Reapers but this rub is actually hotter. Just like the Reaper, don't worry about the taste since this is still packed with intense flavor that blends nicely with the spice.
  • MSG FREE - Both the Reaper Rub & Seasoning and Scorpion Rub & Seasoning are MSG free but they are still packed with flavor allowing you to enjoy your food without the extra health risks.
  • THE PERFECT SPICY BUNDLE - This bundle will surely cater to your spicy cravings. We all know that sweet and spicy is a marvelous combination so get your rubs now!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jesus Christopher Gonzalez

Simply amazing!!!

William Attaway

All I can say is this product is full of great flavor that I've never tasted before! The BBQ sauce is awesome as well and I will be buying more!!!

Leo Govea

The reaper season is everything! I love to use it on everything! The spicy barbecue sauce is very addictive and will have you ordering the bigger size the next time!


I recommend these two 1000%!!! Such a delicious blend of flavors!