TFTI BBQ Spicy Pork Belly Burnt Ends



•2-3lbs pork belly (no skin)

•Blazing Star Scorpion Rub

•Blazing Star Spicy BBQ sauce

•1 stick of butter

•2 jalapeños

•Apple juice


1.Set smoker to 250 degrees

2.Cut pork belly into 1 inch cubes

3.Coat with Blazing Star Scorpion Rub

4.Place on a wire rack then into the smoker for 2 hrs

5.Every 30 mins spray with apple juice

6.After 2 hrs place in a aluminum tray

7.Add butter and Blazing Star Spicy BBQ sauce and mix well then cover with aluminum foil

8.Back into smoker for 1.5 hrs

9.Remove foil and coat with more BBQ sauce then back into smoker uncovered for 30 min

10.Thinly slice jalapeño’s and place a slice per pork belly cube and enjoy.

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